The Good -

    On a positive note, I had the opportunity to go to four of the five Easter egg hunts held in Vernal the day before Easter. It was great to see so many organizations get involved for the benefit of youth in our community.

    The night before I had the opportunity to attend a performance of “Bye, Bye Birdie” at Vernal Theatre LIVE. I take my hat off to all those who give so much to make these shows possible for the community to enjoy. I commend Nashelle and Daniel Jackson for their dedication and devotion to making their dream a reality for all of us to enjoy. They have completed three full seasons with each season improving upon the last. And thank you to all of the performers and technical crew for donating time to share their talents with us.

    The Bad -

    While at the Easter egg hunts, I saw something that saddened my heart. I saw the same man at two of the four hunts. It was obvious that he was starving for attention and had no concern for how he might negatively influence those around him, especially young children.

    The man traipsed around in a shirt with the image of a nun who was “flipping the bird” with both hands with an incredibly offensive saying on the shirt.

    I walked up to the man and told him his shirt was offensive. He just shrugged with an incredulous look on his face, as if to say, “How dare you to object to what I wear”?

    The Ugly -

        UBMedia has learned that two employees at Uintah County have received significant wage increases. This doesn’t look good for the County Commissioners when they continue to cry poor mouth and do all they can to hold almost all county employees down (at least when it comes to compensation).

    The first to receive a raise, at 6 percent of his current salary, was Matt Cazier. We can see the rationale for an increase in this case, as Cazier has taken on the responsibilities of managing two additional departments, GIS and Public Lands in addition to Community Development which he has managed for many years. However, a more than 9% percent salary increase for Brian Meier seems to make no sense, as he has taken on no additional responsibilities.

      And what of Cheryl Meiers new position as Executive Director of the UTSSD?  She did spend a brief time managing the Public Lands department for Uintah County. It does, however, seem odd that she was selected for the position, as her formal training is that of a Dental Hygienist. Not sure how that makes her more qualified than the two applicants who were engineers with grant writing experience that were not seriously considered for the position, as they were not granted interviews.

    Could the pay raise for Brian and the new position for Cheryl (which is likely significantly more than her previous compensation) have something to do with the support they offered a certain Commissioner who was seeking re-election? Safe to say there are only three individuals in the county who know the answer to that question. Which means we may never know for sure.

    And why is the UTSSD trying to shift management of the airport back to the County and Vernal City? This doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

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