The start of a new chapter

The Utah border stands before Blue Mountain on November 4. 

Ryan Collins

There's no easy way to drive through 500 miles of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. You just have to grit your teeth and get through it. Especially when old man winter is touching down, extending his frozen fingers across the great West, almost all at once. 

So as it began to snow with increasingly rapid succession on the Wyoming, Montana border I've called home for the past three years, I made the decision it was time to leave on the journey to a place not far from my hometown of Craig, or I would never arrive that Monday start a new chapter in my life doing what I love for Ubmedia. 

I've had plenty of experiences on the many roads leading to Vernal in the winter, and knew they are nothing to take lightly. It was time was time to start making some of those 516 miles disappear. 

Hugs and kisses were given to my loving family as I departed and took to the road during the first snow of the winter, before it could freeze that night and transform the 500 mile sojourn into one giant ice field. 

Towns faded in my rear view mirror one at a time. Sheridan, Buffalo, Kaycee, Casper, Rawlins, and eventually Craig.

I stood before the Utah sign, knowing I was crossing a threshold into a new beginning; and at the same time, an end to one chapter. Blue Mountain welcomed me to the state I'd now call home. Lingering for a few minutes, staring at the mountain, I remembered how fleeting certain moments in life can be and tried to hold onto it as long as possible.

I crossed the threshold and entered into Utah with an open mind and a conviction to serve the residents of Uintah County with all the experience and integrity that has developed in my heart and soul over my short 30 years on this planet. Soon I was in Vernal City, ending the long journey.

I'm humbled and honored to have an opportunity to serve this great basin. It's my promise to the readers that I will always keep an open door and ear for you. I came here to serve you, the community. 

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