This last week, several members of the staff attended a couple of UTSSD meetings. It was very disappointing to see what took place. We witnessed several members of the board acting like small children, bickering, pointing fingers and making faces, that cannot be accurately described. The most disturbing part of the entire experience is that these grown men (they know who they are) only seemed to want to pass blame and had no compunction to do the right thing.

We are all human. Which means we are prone to making mistakes. It’s all part of the experience. What defines us as individuals is what we do when we make a mistake. Do we try to pass blame? Alternatively, do we stand up, admit fault and try to make things right. I was taught, from a very young age to do the later of the two. Admit fault and correct the mistake.

An audit by the state auditor’s office found that many mistakes have been made. Let us review the most egregious of them; repeated violations of the open meetings act, placing Adam Massey on paid administrative leave without warrant and county commissioner involvement on the special service district boards.

The newspaper encourages the UTSSD board to make things right. Put personal pride aside and fix these errors. First, stop the practice of violating open meetings laws. This only makes it look as if you have ulterior motives and are trying to hide things from tax paying citizens. Second, return Mr. Massey from paid administrative leave. Based on the audit Massey has done nothing wrong. Lastly, remove all County Commissioners from each special service district board.

It’s our firm position that much is at stake here. Uintah County and its residents stand to lose a great deal of money from the state and federal governments should these corrective measures not be taken. So please, for the benefit of all take the steps to make things right. After all, it is never too late to do the right thing.

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