This year, many young bloods assisted the established members of Rotary Club carry out the overwhelming task of setting up all the tables and chairs for eating and for gaming. That feat alone takes

much manpower and muscle. Transforming a sterile conference room into a welcoming dining and entertaining area is no small task. This activity was orchestrated well. All workers were still smiling and

ready to offer every participant the chance for an enjoyable evening, even after their physical workout. Although the decorations were quite simple, they created a lively and inviting atmosphere, a friendly

atmosphere for having fun and relaxing and visiting with friends.

Davis Jubilee sold tickets for 2 for $50.00, which paid for 2 meals and provided both people with $200 worth of gaming tickets. For strangers to Casino Night, that price may have appeared high. This year's

exceptional meal consisted of a salad bar, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, a choice of three vegetables, rolls and butter, and cheesecake, chocolates or brownies for dessert, along with the

choice of various alcoholic or non-alcohol beverages. This year's meal was the best tasting one in 10 years, making me already look forward to next year's event.

Over the years, Casino Night has evolved. This year, as an extra precaution, because there was alcohol served, every individual was carded. Everyone knows Hawaii and Utah are the only states where

gambling is illegal. That's why the Rotary Club had to change the method by which prizes are won. Everyone had an equal chance of winning, simply by having his ticket drawn from one of the buckets at

the end of the night. At one time, employees from a Black Hawk, Colorado casino traveled to Vernal and brought gaming equipment with them. A few years ago, to increase its profits, the Rotary Club decided

to invest in gaming equipment. Volunteers replaced expensive casino dealers. Not every t ransition went smoothly. Last year, a few of the dealers were inadequately trained. However, this year, Todd Shiner

added so much pleasure to our evening by being one of the best dealers ever. He was so laid-back and just wanted everyone at his table to have a great time. It didn't matter if we won or lost, everyone at his

table felt like we were at "Cheers," where everyone knew our names. Our laughter and squeals of glee often rippled above the roar of the horse racing calls from the table behind us. Even though a group of

us only sees each other once a year at Casino Night, we have a camaraderie we look forward to all year.

We are all aware of those who are struggling in the Basin. We thank every member of the hard-working Rotary Club for organizing this event, which allows everyone to get involved with helping his neighbors.

We are proud to live in a community where the Rotary Club and the local businesses have worked handin-hand to provide an event where we can offer assistance to the less fortunate. We are blessed to live

in a compassionate community where people genuinely care about each other and do whatever they can to make living in Vernal a better life experience.

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