Dear Editor,

So Massey's on paid leave. Why ain't he in jail where he belongs? Can't say I'm surprised, I've said a hundred times they run this town like a criminal enterprise.

For instance, the big empty box known as the the Uintah County Convention Center does anyone remember how the plan was to hire a firm to keep the facility full but at the last minute that plan was scrapped and of all people another Massey was put in charge that sounds like classic bait and switch to me.

My own personal peeve is the snow plan. For you that do not know it the city and county stock pile tons of rocks and sand mixed with salt which they spread over the road every time it snows half an inch. During heavy snows they do the same thing until it becomes an unmanageable mess, which the city then snow plows to the side of the road like they should have to begin with.

If this sounds stupid to you readers they wouldn't be the ones. Dozens of engineering students have been done by prestigious universities and they all came up with the same conclusions; salt and grit are seven times more expensive to use but only 75 percent as effective as plowing and salting. Don't take my word for it the internet is full of these studies from places like Univ. of Wisc.; Univ. of Iowa even Switzerland did a study when they were considering hosting the Olympics.

The University of Zurich finds gravel and salt mixture should only be used on dangerous mountain s turns and railroad crossings, but our road crews completely cover the roads with rock and dirt any every time it looks like snow often melting on its own by noon but the rocks and dirt is still there where it ends up in the storm sewers. Which is fine if you're the brother in law with one of those vacuum trucks we see all the time cleaning the sand out.

Denver quit using road git in 1963 because of all the broken windshields, but that's a good thing if you've the brother-in-law that owns a wind shield store.

So, while other communities task their employees with cleaning streets our people are used to dump dirt and rock by the dump truck tons full. Readers ask yourself why they do this? They're buying dirt from someone with our money. Either they are too stupid to read a report or they're crooks. My own feeling is that Uintah County and Vernal City governments are rife with corruption and I welcome the state audit. I have written to every city council member and the mayor and a year later have not received one reply.

We elected to drain the swamp when we elected Trump but our swamp is right downtown Vernal Avenue and it's full of thieving, lying rats. Support the presidents movements and protect our community. Next election whoever's incumbent vote 'em out, even if he is your brother-in-law. Unless you're the brother-in-law renting vacuum trucks, repairing windshields or selling dirt to the city.

Sam Haine

Vernal, Utah

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