DUANE SHEPHERD--Why is it that you can't lose gracefully? You have attempted many things, (in the press, etc.) to make yourself exonerated from unacceptable documentable actions.

I have always fully documented my "DID YOU KNOW?" articles and for you to claim you ever asked me directly to provide you with figures that were true and accurate would be a lie. I only ever talked to you face to face once (that with the other commissioners present) outside of saying hello on occasion. The fact that people are learning the documentable facts, as to what has been going on in the county building; most of which you obviously emphatically endorsed, while you were in office, that's what makes the majority of the taxpayers angry and gets them talking.

Everything was already documented and printed publically in past Basin Nickel Ads and the Vernal Express and written up, in your case, also by the State of Utah Auditors office. All publically available for anyone to read. In the past, you have used the press to try to prove my documentable disclosures false. I contacted you and copied many witnesses, that I would be happy to take a lie detector (polygraph) test with you for proof of truth. Why have you never been willing? That offer still stands.

My goal was, and still is, to make the taxpayers of Uintah County aware of actions taken by you, as a commissioner and member of other public boards, and others, to create the need for over taxation in Uintah County.

As for me to have a greed motivation; what would I accomplish that would benefit me personally? Only fair property taxes for all. At my age, the cost to make all the discovered facts and circumstances public, has far exceeded any tax savings I could ever hope to recover. I also don't have any business motivations at this time of my life. You, on the other hand, lost your big commissioner salary and benefits. I can understand your frustration.

NO DUANE, the majority of the taxpayers, after having been informed by documentable evidence, spoke. THEY VOTED!!! The only real remedy available to "We the Taxpayers"  when the burden shifts heavily to the taxpayers side when spending the taxpayer's money.

Fortunately, they elected three exceptional commissioners and a great mayor. As the majority of the taxpayers voted for them, we encourage them to keep the goal to help everyone in our county, not just the privileged few who are elected officials. Those being paid on average 25% above their peers. ALL DOCUMENTABLE!!!!

As an aside, I don't know of anybody that owns the Commissioners or the Major. But the majority of "We the Taxpayers" sure are rooting for them to make the appropriate changes.

A response to your last accusation, I never did anything behind the scenes. I paid to have it printed in bright bold print in the Vernal Express and the Basin Nickel Ads entitled "DID YOU KNOW?", that after extensive research to document all the facts.

Best regards,

James (Jim) G. Drollinger

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