The lady who gave away rhubarb

When I was a kid a lady would always give away rhubarb from her garden and talk us into chewing it right in front of her. She never gave us any thing that tasted good such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes.

I figured that she had an evil plan the featured her victims getting a sour look on their faces. The next year I said that I didn’t want any rhubarb (a co-worker found the right spelling of rhubarb online for me), but she said: “Give it to your mom and she can make a pie.”

More to the story: My mom didn’t like rhubarb as well. She made us an apple dessert and we didn’t have a sour appearance after we had consumed it.

More to the story Part 2 – Some cafes (don’t call them a dive cause they don’t have a pool) feature rhubarb pie in the summer. The rhubarb comes from someone’s garden. I have thought about trying rhubarb pie, but I can’t get over the trick that was pulled on me by the rhubarb lady in Roosevelt in the 1960s.

Mickey Mantle

I have written a lot of meeting Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees on my first day on the job as a reporter for the Vernal Express in June 1975 and some readers wish I would write about something else.

I got Mantle to talk about hitting the longest home run of all time and he enjoyed bad mouthing his children as he said: “A boy from Vernal has a better chance to make the big leagues as my sons would rather drive fast cars and chase women.”

More to the story: Mantle was scheduled to be in Vernal on a Thursday and my boss said that I didn’t have to come to work until Monday of the next week. To this day I don’t know if my boss didn’t know who Mantle was and wondered what the big deal was or if I stole his day with the Mick. I think he didn’t know Mickey Mantle from Mickey Mouse.

More to the story Part 2: I found out the Mantle danced with the wives of some of the people who brought Mantle to Vernal later on in the evening. He thought they were good dancers.

Denver Broncos

A while back the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl with quarterbacks such as John Elway and Peyton Manning. I have a Bronco jacket, shirt and cap that needs to be updated with three-time Super Bowl champs.

More to the story: Back in the 1970s a Vernal fan who was originally from Denver and drove a silver hot rod was all geared up on the Broncos. The Broncos were getting stomped by the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl and it got so bad that I left at halftime. I went to a movie instead. I think I saw “Bonnie and Clyde” and the Broncos got shot down like the movie twosome.

More to the story Part 2: I don’t know what happened to the silver hot rod as I never saw it again. Maybe she lost it on a bad bet on the Broncos.

Two Thurl Baileys

Years ago I saw Thurl Bailey on a visit with Utah Jazz players in the 1980s at McDonald’s. The Jazz players and officials had been in Wyoming and didn’t know how long the trip to Vernal would last and were an hour late.

The parking lot was packed with Jazz fans and it took a while to get an autograph. I gave Bailey a basketball card to sign and he seemed puzzled on what to do with it. He signed it and made me happy.

More to the story: A few years ago Thurl Bailey was in town in Roosevelt and he signed a photo for me as well as my cap. I enjoyed my second visit with Bailey the most of all. What I like most about Bailey is that you can read his signature.

Your mother’s calling you

Sometimes I trick a kid by saying “Your mother’s calling you.” Sometimes it works and often it doesn’t do the job.

More to the story: However, I’m sad as “My mother isn’t calling me.”

More to the story Part 2: My mother made the best stuffed cabbage. It is better than prime rib.

I’m famous

I got a letter in Sports Illustrated (I call them SI) about a new competition where winners are determined by the person who comes the closest to the weight of a side of beef in a freezer. They have national champs in the sport.

My letter was as follows: “I don’t have a beef about this meat judging story, but it is a cut above other SI articles. I hope that coaches grill the competitors in workouts to get a good grade while making no mi-steaks.”

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