I grew up in the city and I knew there was a good reason why I moved to Roosevelt, because evil lurks in the city! Nightwalkers, Transients, Vampires … I’m lucky I escaped with my life-and my soul! – intact. I always knew it. I just didn’t have the proof I needed until I read “Fire Light” by J. Abram Barneck.

“Fire Light,” the first book in the “Trinity of Mind” series, is set in West Jordan. Jake, who is a Jeek, part jock and park geek, knows there is something different about him but he just wants to be normal, graduate high school and move out as soon as possible. Instead he discovers that he is one of the last living druids and someone is out to wipe out every last one, including him! Now he is on the run for not only his life but for the lives of everyone he loves.

Barneck is clearly a fantasy fan as evidenced by the many references to popular fantasy novels that are seen throughout “Fire Light.” But instead of making the book feel like it was trying way too hard to keep up with the fantasy Joneses, it feels more like Barneck is just having a little fun with it. Yes, there are a few elements that are very relatable to other stories but there is also originality to the story.

What I enjoyed most about the book was that it took place very close to my old stomping grounds. I knew exactly where the characters were throughout the entire book.

After researching other places Barneck decided, “I wanted to write the story in a place I know. Plus no other fantasy books take place in Utah.” And if you keep reading the series Barneck says that he is “fairly certain” that the characters will find themselves in the Basin eventually.

Barneck confessed that he got the idea for his story from playing computer games. “I grew up playing computer games, and in a lot of the computer games you can be a mage or a wizard and they always have the magic stuff you can do and the most common one was the magic missile. So I grew up playing games casting magic missiles and I wanted to write a book where a person could caste a magic missile.”

“Fire Light” is a young adult novel but may not be appropriate for younger ages. For your convenience, Barneck has provided parental guidance section on his website detailing the contents. He rates the book as PG-13 with “intense action and fighting scenes, with a balance of sexual tension/romance.”

Barneck grew up just north of Roosevelt, where he attended Union High School. He now lives in West Jordan, with his wife and two boys. He has a degree in creative writing and worked with Leading Edge for three years.

“Fire Light” is Barneck’s first book and was released August of this year. He is currently working on the second book of the “Trinity of Mind” series which is to be a four-book series.

“Fire Light” is currently available for the Kindle on Amazon.com and will be available in all ebook formats by the end of November. For those of you who like a good ol’ fashion book in your hands, those will be available to order through your local bookstore starting Dec. 11.

For more information about Barneck and “Fire Light,” check out his website at http://jabrambarneck.com/.

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