Red Leaf

Early test site website photo of the Red Leaf Resources commercial oil shale mine where the EcoShale In-Capsule resort is under construction.

Red Leaf Resources commercial oil shale production is proceeding in the construction of its EcoShale In-Capsule container in southern Uintah County.

On Monday, Oct. 20, the Uintah County Commission approved a request by Ames Construction to amend an existing Conditional Use Permit for a man camp to add five more modular units.

“This particular group is doing construction for Red Leaf,” said Matt Cazier, Uintah County Planner.

Residential units have been placed on private land located on 5800 South Seep Ridge Road for the workers.

“They want to keep their guys out there because they are running them in shifts rather than sending them back to town,” Cazier said.

Fifteen units have already been approved for workers, but the company is said to desire an earlier end date, so additional help is being brought in.

The Uintah County Health Department is working with Ames on the expansion.

In-Capsule construction involves building a 10-acre-size clay-lined container filled with mined shale to be heated as an earth oven.

The capsule is covered with “layers of impermeable clay and soil, and then heating the shale with natural gas via steel pipes to the point at which pyrolysis occurs and oil, condensate and natural gas are produced” cites the Red Leaf website.

Red Leaf's Seep Ridge area project consists of 1,600 surface acres of oil shale leases targeted for commercial development with their joint venture partner Total USA.

There is an estimated 120 million barrels of oil locked in the shale of the company's lease land.

Adolph Lechtenberger, CEO Red Leaf Resources, told listeners at the recent Uintah Basin Energy Summit of the potential scope of their plans.

“At Red Leaf we believe there has to be an environmentally responsible way to unlock the huge potential of tens of billions of barrels of oil shale in Utah alone and trillions of barrels in the world.”


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